• Alba Enid

Why we started, why fashion?

​"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that come from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

I've always loved art; colors, sculptures, paintings, music, and all the beautiful things that surround us. I see all of it as inspiration for the creation of amazing new things.

Since I was young I loved designing, making jewelry, photo albums, drawings… things that allowed me to be creative. As I grew up I developed an admiration for fashion design and its craftsmanship. I started creating headbands and accessories, decorating purses, doing alterations to my clothing, among many other things that prompted me to developed my passion for fashion. I began by buying pieces of clothing that I loved and admired and later on designing and creating my own pieces of clothing.

My bachelor's degree is in Industrial Engineering. Yes, it was a surprise to many that I chose this path instead of pursuing a fashion career. But in the contrary, I believe I chose the perfect career path to help me pursue my passion. As an Industrial Engineer I learned many important and useful skills such as manufacturing processes, process improvement, project management, costs, supply chain, etc. which allow me today to manage and understand my new business venture. In addition, I also decided to further develop my fashion design skills and continue my preparation for the fashion world and decided to study a Masters degree in Fashion Merchandising.

And, that's why fashion… I decided to create my own clothing line for the young and hip professional woman who wishes to look always sophisticated, feminine, elegant and sexy while wearing unique pieces of clothing.

Alba Burgos - founder & CEO of alba.enid

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